If You Have Difficulty

* Presenting & Expressing Yourself Comfortably
* Standing Up for Yourself 

* Dealing Confidently With Authority Figures


You Can Confidently Interact With Others By 
Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs, Fears, and 
Unconscious Resistances That Are Holding You Back!  


That's what Janet did!


When I met her, she was anxiously avoiding meeting the firm's 

new marketing clients, finding excuses to be other places, doing 

other things. She didn't know what to say or how to say it. She
wasn't sure they understood what she was saying and felt she 
couldn't read how they were reacting.


She felt embarrassed and inadequate She was sure her suggestions 
on their projects must have sounded stupid. Moreover, she feared 

she would be fired if her boss discovered her inability to interact effectively
with clients.


But 6 months later, she knew what to say and how to say it. She knew
how to manage her emotions and use them to influence others. She connected
others' emotional expressions and their underlying messages so she could read
people more accurately. She had gained the social skills she needed. 


    As a result, she was not only comfortably greeting new clients and tuning 

into their emotions and thinking but also confidently taking the lead in helping 

them structure their marketing campaigns—along with a 15% raise in salary.


Like Janet, you can improve your people skills ... and so much more!


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 Dr. Signe A. Dayhoff


This Means That Like Janet You Can

... Control your fears of being negatively evaluated if you open your mouth ...
... Present your ideas calmly, clearly, and influentially ... 
Communicate with awareness & understanding ...
... Manage your emotions and actions effectively ... 
... Connect with others by accurately listening and responding with empathy ...


NOW you can communicate effectively with people anytime, anywhere ... 

NOW you can transform your interactions into confident, enjoyable socializing.


(This may sound too good to be true ... but it is true. 

I know because I've been there ... and I've done it!)


Why Should You Listen to Me?
Because I Fix Social Skills Problems!


I'm Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D., your social/people skills mentor. As a recovered social 

phobic, a social psychologist, and a social anxiety/interpersonal communications 

expert, I know how you want to speak and present yourself comfortably and 

confidently, saying the right things to connect with people and create relationships
to achieve your goals.


Interpersonal Communication Should Not Be a Problem. 
It Should Be the Solution!


Like many of you, I froze when trying to speak with others, especially in groups. I couldn't stand up for myself. I couldn't ask for feedback on what I had done when I needed it.


I never knew what to say to connect to others. I was unable to handle conflict or disagreements of any kind, especially with authority figures. Because I had difficulty reading others' emotional reactions to me, I tended to assume they were thinking the worst about me when they weren't. 



Sound familiar?


My struggle with anxiety in social situations and interpersonal communication came before these problems were the focus they are today. As a result, I spent about 
1,087 hours doing research to figure out what I needed to do to reverse my situation.


With patience, persistence, education, and practice I finally overcame my communication- and self-presentation obstacles. Because I did it, you can do it too.


What an Indescribably Tremendous Relief That Reversal Was ... and Is! 


Because I know many of you also have struggled with these problems, I have worked with many hundreds like you as well as professionals in the field to see what skills and guidance you need to solve your problem. 


With respect to self-presentation anxiety, I talked with the top clinical researchers 
in the field and tapped into their experiences, expertise, and findings. (Many of them 
were kind enough to endorse my social anxiety book as a result.) 


With respect to people skills and interpersonal communication, I worked personally with nonverbal communications expert Dr. Clara Mayo, did 10 years of extensive research in social effectiveness, and received training in emotional intelligence (EI) from well-known EI experts Dr. David Caruso and Charles Wolfe.


The upshot is that over the last 28+ years I have gathered, with you in mind, the best proven tools. Moreover, I have developed a wide range of effective, systematic strategies for you to achieve the social skills, interpersonal communication strengths, 
and social effectiveness that can help you
too ...


The GOOD NEWS is ... that you can create social confidence in the process.


And ... You don't have to go through the deadly slow, often-agonizing, hit-or-miss, trial-and-error process ... that I did ... to do it!



"It's not how smart you are but how you are smart." (And that's "people smart!")
- Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence


FACT: Research shows that the #1 factor in personal, business, 
and professional success is "effective people skills."


 "People skills" means being able to talk with anyone 
successfully because you are savvy about people.
You understand their emotions and behavior.

You know how to effectively use interpersonal communications
to address problems and help solve them!

When you are people smart, you can present yourself
more effectively and with greater confidence

Janet did ... And ... You CAN TOO.



As Napoleon Hill stated in his book Think and Grow Rich, "What the mind can 
conceive and believe, it can achieve." 

If you can conceive of and believe in your becoming confident and competent 
in speaking and presenting yourself
socially, you
can achieve it.


Just Imagine How That Could Change Your Life ... in as Few as 3 Months!




By Discovering How To

Identify, access, and manage your emotions and moods

Listen to understand what people's emotions really mean

Comfortably speak out when you need or want to

Express your thoughts and feelings clearly and accurately

Master handling verbal conflicts with colleagues and bosses

Condition your emotions and thinking to automatically work toward 
your communication goals, not against them

Deep-six fears of negative evaluation or rejection for speaking 

Use your and other's emotions to influence and effect desired changes

Identify and build on your social skill strengths.



Using my 5 "Rs," Janet


Replaced ...

- the ineffective with the effective ...
- the negative with the positive ...
- rusty verbal communication with emotional intelligence,
  interpersonal skills, and confidence

Reprogrammed her unproductive thinking, emotions, and behavior

Removed thinking, emotional, and behavioral obstacles

Recreated herself to be the people-savvy social success she desired

Revitalized her personal and work relationships to achieve her dreams.



When You Improve Your People Skills,
You Can Overcome Your Presentation Anxiety

... And Become More Socially Effective ... 




You Can Finally Successfully Communicate ...

You OWE It to Yourself to Do It ...


... With my free bi-weekly e-zine, the "Master Social Effectiveness Tips."

You get on-target suggestions, tips, stories, events, news, announcements, and 
relevant offers to help you


- Improve your social skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication 
- Alleviate anxiety to build speaking and interactional confidence 
- Forge a self-presentation that inspires and motivates
- Skyrocket your social effectiveness in any situation
- Develop solid and mutually-beneficial personal and work relationships.

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Whenever Your Business, Professional, 
Or Social Interactions Demand 
  Confident and Competent 
Verbal Communication
You Can Be Ready.


Why Socially Effective Communication Skills are Important

They help you to

“Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
 Watch your words; they become your actions.
 Watch your actions; they become your habits.
 Watch your habits; they become your character.
 Watch your character for it will become your destiny.”


- Hillel, 1st Century B.C. sage



Never Forget


“Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will 
face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has 
gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there 
will be nothing. Only I will remain.” 


– Frank Herbert, science fiction author


Providing the solution to your interaction confidence
and social skills problems, 

Dr. Signe


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